Pandora Style Murano Glass Necklace - Black Dragonfly


Pandora Style Murano Glass Necklace - Black Dragonfly


This beautiful and unique Necklace includes 2 pure Sterling Silver Murano Glass Pandora Style beads. These beads feature black agate color richly accented with white ornaments. The rare beauty of these charm beads is the result of centuries of Murano artisans' hard work re-inventing and creating the complex lamp-work technique. European Style Snake Chain with Snap Clasp brings the modern, rich Pandora Style look. The combination of Silver charms and Dragonfly pendant make this necklace tender and romantic that brings you the filling of uniqueness and singularity.


These Murano Glass beads have roundel shape and measures 15x11mm (1-1/8") in diameter and just under 1/2" in height. The framing of the opening is made in solid Italian 925 Sterling Silver. The words "Murano Italy" and the standard 925 Sterling Silver stamp are etched into the silver frame.
The snake chain is 45 cm (17.5 inches) in length with word "Love" on Snap Clasp. Charm is approx: 31x13mm and has antique silver color. European Style charms are in antique silver color, with yellow rhinestone insertions. All the metal beads are Silver plated and are nickel-free.


All Murano glass beats and parts used in entire necklace were directly bought from glass factory in Murano, Italy. All the metal parts are silver plated and Nickel-free.
Price includes Murano Glass Set, gift box and certificate of authenticity from Murano factory.