Charms Murano Glass Earrings


Charms Murano Glass Earrings


Beautiful and unique these Murano Glass Earrings were hand-crafted from pure Murano Glass beads. They feature with silver plated large rings chain beaded with assorted beads 30x10mm in mix of deep grey, white and black colors lined with genuine 925 Silver foil. The beads have various shapes, the color and texture were achieved by virtue of traditional Murano lamp-work technique.
With its unique and modern look this Murano Glass Earrings can become a valuable addition to any of your outfit.


Earrings size is 4 cm (1.5 inches) in length.
Available in chrome color with grey glass elements.


All Murano glass beads and parts used in entire earrings were directly bought from glass factory in Murano, Italy. All the metal parts are silver plated in chrome color and Nickel-free.
Price include Murano Glass Earrings, velvet pouch and certificate of authenticity from Murano factory.